Perfect Wedding

By Robin Hawdon

Directed by Kelly Krause
February 7 to 23, 2014

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Patrick Talaska

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Ian Curtis


Maureen Chobanoff


Allison Chicorel


Tanya Tranberg


Katlin Drew


James Boylan


Production Staff 


Kelly Krause

Stage Manager

Debi Mumford

Scenic Designer / Master Carpenter

Michael Talaska

Costume Designer

Aleta Bernard

Lighting Designer

Scott Fudali

Sound Designer

Aaron Schmidt

Properties Designer

Shawn Spellman

Set Construction Crew

Dave Binney
Kevin Erdman
Dan Szczepanski
Barbara Talaska
Becky Talaska
Patrick Talaska

Light and Sound Crew

Keith Handy
Kimberly Fudali

The 'Perfect Wedding' strains our credulity a bit

By JULIE McHALE - TimeOut Theater Critic
February 13, 2014

WAUKESHA - The Brits are known for their clever farces, Robin Hawdon being one of the playwrights who has been very successful in this genre

The Waukesha Civic Theatre is presently indulging in the craziness and laughter of one of his works - "Perfect Wedding."

Farces are not one of my favorite forms of entertainment, and yet I have certainly attended many of them and enjoyed some of them, despite my somewhat negative attitude in their regard. When I review them, I look to the audience more than to myself. If an audience is falling out of their seats laughing, I assume that many people are totally enjoying themselves and that’s what I report. I do not see myself as the arbiter of quality and taste. That is a position of snobbery and superiority that I would never engage in.

A farce usually involves mistaken identities, slamming of doors, physical humor and a good dose of incredibility. "Perfect Wedding" fits the bill perfectly.

A wedding between Bill and Rachel is about to take place. As Bill awakens the morning of the wedding, he discovers, much to his surprise and chagrin, that he is in bed in the wedding suite with a woman he’s never met. He doesn’t remember how he got there and what ensued after he arrived in this situation. Whoops! Drinking excessively has often led to behaviors that are hard to explain or justify.

The woman he has ended up with, who is a stranger to him, turns out to be Judy, the best man’s new girlfriend. The best man is Bill’s best friend Tom, who soon arrives to discover Bill’s dilemma. However, Judy has already been assigned to the bathroom to hide from Tom and also from Bill’s bride-to-be, Rachel, who is about to arrive on the scene.

You can about imagine how things proceed from here. A maid wanders in to make up the bed and suddenly is asked to stand in for Tom’s girlfriend Judy, who is still hiding in the bathroom. Then Rebecca arrives, followed shortly by Daphne, Rebecca’s mother. Now all the characters in the cast have been introduced, and all are befuddled.

Lie follows lie until the morass of deception is beyond disentanglement. The denoument miraculously solves all the problems, but our credulity is quite strained in the process when the people who end up paired together is more unbelievable than any occurrence that has preceded it.

James Boylan as Tom, Tanya Tranberg as Julie and Allison Chicorel as Judy are the standouts in their roles. The set design by Michael Talaska works well, and the costumes by Aleta Bernard fit the characters nicely. (Where did she ever find that ugly skirt for Rachel?)

The audience, at least the one on opening night, was mildly amused, but not as entertained as farce-lovers usually are. I couldn’t quite figure out if some of the characters were miscast or if the script didn’t provide enough foreshadowing of what was to come, but something misfired. See it yourself and let me know what you think.

Directed by Kelly Krause, "Perfect Wedding" runs through Feb. 23 at the Waukesha Civic Theatre, 264 W. Main St. in Waukesha.

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Wedding day farce a piece of cake for Waukesha Civic Theatre

Simple set, fine acting in ‘Perfect Wedding’
By Marilyn Jozwik - WaukeshaNOW Theater Critic
Feb. 12, 2014

Lots can go wrong on a wedding day, from fashion malfunctions to reception rowdiness.

But when the groom wakes up on his wedding day in the honeymoon suite with a strange, pretty, naked woman in bed beside him, a domino effect of disasters ensues in the farce "Perfect Wedding."

The show, Waukesha Civic Theatre's latest, features a small ensemble cast that really has to manage the fast-paced repartee and double talk as the groom and his best man weave an incredible web of deception in order to keep the wedding on track.

Like all good romps, there are people popping in and out of rooms, hiding behind doors and pretending to be someone else. The pace is frenetic. You could miss a sight gag if you blink or a great line if you cough.

The show runs pretty much in real time, some two hours before the couple is about to be married.

Ian Curtis as Bill, the groom, starts the first domino as he tries to explain to his best man, Tom (James Boylan), about the stag party the night before and his inability to remember how this woman turned up in his bed the next morning. Only the woman (Allison Chicorel) can really say what happened that night, and she's not telling … at least not until 100 minutes or so of the show have passed.

Lies and deception abound as fantastic tales are devised on the spot to placate all involved. Even the maid (Tanya Tranberg) gets sucked into the plot, while the bride (Katlin Drew) becomes increasingly frustrated with the bizarre tales that produce tension not only in the honeymoon suite, but throughout the hotel.

Curtis gets the comedy off on the right foot as the totally flustered Bill, who has lots of explaining to do when the mystery woman pops up on his wedding day. He fusses and fumes, hems and haws, pulls his hair and gestures nervously as he tells one tall tale after another. Curtis and Boylan are marvelous as they carry the load of the comedy with impeccable timing and walk a tightrope to disaster.

Chicorel works especially well with Boylan, displaying a real ease and lightness in their scenes as well as in those with Curtis. Tranberg as the maid keeps an even keel as she is pushed and pulled by the main characters to help their cause. Yet, like a pesky child, she sometimes says too much.

Maureen Chobanoff bursts on the scene at the end of the first act as the bride's mother and makes the most of a small role, throwing more fuel on the raging fire of the prenuptial confusion.

As the bride, Drew probably could have reached a boiling point long before the lies stacked up higher than a wedding cake. Her over-the-top meltdown is well done.

After several WCT shows involving complicated sets, this show was basically one-dimensional. The simple, functional set had virtually no moving parts and let the audience clearly view the two rooms of the honeymoon suite and the doors into both, as well as the door to the bathroom.

Director Kelly Krause did a fine job of getting her ensemble cast up to speed for this fast and furious farce.

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Volunteer of the Production - Patrick Talaska

Patrick's brother Michael is one of WCT's premier scenic designers and master carpenters, and has helped with numerous sets over the years, bringing Michael's incredible scenic designs to life on the WCT stage. He is an invaluable part of Michael's design team, and is always willing to help out in any way he can. Thank you and congratulations, Patrick!