Give a High Five to the Arts!

Our deadline for the “Give a High Five to the Arts!” campaign, June 26th, 2011, has passed. And while we didn’t reach either the $2,500 goal or our $5,000 stretch goal, we did manage to raise $1,595 by the deadline. That is truly fantastic and we are extremely grateful for your generous donations. To show my appreciation, we have decided to honor both of the commitments that were made in association with these goals.

On the morning of Saturday, August 13th, 2011, we will have a dunk tank set up behind the theatre on Riverfront Plaza adjacent to the Waukesha Farmer’s Market. Everyone that has already donated to this campaign has earned a chance to dunk one of three individuals. Not wanting to have all of the fun by himself, John Cramer has asked our Education and Outreach Administrator, Doug Jarecki, and our past Board President, Terry Sutter, to take turns in the tank.

WCT Mask Goal If you haven’t donated yet but want to get in on the fun, you can still donate online, drop a donation off at the theatre, or donate during the event on August 13th, 2011. If you aren’t able to be present and still haven’t supported this campaign, we would welcome any donation that you could make.

Additionally, during the afternoon and evening performances of Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka, John will paint his face to look like the WCT Mask to fulfill the other commitment. We would like to encourage you to come down in the morning to throw a few balls at the dunk tank, have lunch at one of the superb restaurants in historic downtown Waukesha, and then join us for one of the performances of this wonderful show. You can get more information about the show here.

Thanks for your fantastic support of our theatre. Tell your friends, your neighbors, and random strangers on the street. Encourage them to give us a High Five!

The fundraising thermometer to the right will be track the progress to our goal.

The High Five Club

Jane Ameel
Pat Ayers
Carol Barchus
Ellen Barclay (5)
Tom & Barb Bauman (2)
Dave Betzig
Delores Blankenhagen
Bob Bluhm
Michael & Mary Bohren (2)
Michelle Brien (4)
Nancy Burkard
Sallie Burkard
Marie Carberry (2)
Michelle Carlson
Vinny Carpenter
Joe Castillo
Jim & Betty Chermak (2)
MaryEllen Comp
Janice Conway
Elena Cramer
John Cramer
Jude Cramer
Judith Cramer (10)
Kelli Cramer
Karin Cunningham (2)
Jon & Katie Danner (3)
Brady Davis
Caleb Davis
Daisy & Amelia Davis
Bob Deatrick (4)
Rhonda Debie
Carol Dolphin
Dramagoon Matching Challenge (30)
Jon Drayna (2)
April Eagleboy
Gary Ebert (2)
Kaden Erickson-Wells
Eric Eggers
Chris Erato (2)
Elle Erato (2)
Jenny Erato (2)
Tyler Evert
Rosie Fasi
Tracy Ferrito
Glen Fink
Amanda Garcia
Paula Garcia
Ralph Garcia
Mary Malone Giddings
Todd Gillette (2)
Marianne Gilpatrick (5)
Kate Gilson (10)
Girl Scout Troop #4093 (4)
Heather Gracyalny (2)

Kathleen Greenwald
The Grunfelder’s
Carolyn Hahn
Amanda Hartwig
Doug Hastad
Nancy Hastad
Todd Herdt
Lavern & Kathryn Herman (50)
Sue Herro (2)
Aaron Hollenbeck
Susan L. Hughes
Bonnie S. Jensen
Annette Juopperi
Colette Karnes
Karol Kennedy
Margaret Kennedy
Tim Kietzman (3)
Kathryn Kindler
Jane Klett
Sue Knoernschild
Matt Knudson (20)
Wayne & Marge Konetzki
Joel Kopischke
Tom Koth
Robert Kraklow
Ruth Kraus
Geoffrey "Geo" Kuster
Rich & Cathy Labinski (2)
Caitlin Lamb (2)
Bjorn Larson (2)
Jessica Lesch
Patricia M. Lemon
Mari Lesch
Abby Lewis
Daniel Lindow
Tamela Lovell
Anthony Mackie (2)
A.J. Magoon
Erin Magoon
Kristi Magoon
Kurt Magoon
Susan Matthews
Audrey McGarvie
Helen McLellan (2)
Ken McLellan (2)
Denise Meagher
Dexter & Doris Meise (2)
Miller And Campbell Costume Service
Sharon Milway
Anthony Minessale
Clara Nettesheim
Marie Netzow (2)
Jane Neubauer
Shirley Neustaedter

Mary Jo Nevermann
Jean A. Novy (2)
Carol O'Laughlin
Angie Penzkover
Debby Penzkover
Holly Penzkover
Kenneth Penzkover
Lauren Penzkover
Maddie Penzkover
Mark Penzkover
Cathy Peters
Doug & Beverly Peterson
Jack Peterson, MD
Kitty Peterson
Angela Proell
Dan and Connie Pronley (5)
Marianne Puls (2)
Tania Rhinehart
Sheryl Sanger
John Santroch
Sandy Scott
Aaron Schmidt (5)
Calvin Schmidt
Mary Jo Schmidt
Dick Smith
Richard Smith (41)
Sharon E. Sohner
Shawn Spellman
Peggy Stoop
Karen Studnicki
Jeanne Szarek
Bob Szmanda
Barbara Talaska (5)
Michael Talaska
Dianne Thayer
Betty Tio
Heidi Tufte
Bob Turowski
Christine Howard Turowski
Mary Uglow
Jim Uhrich (5)
Abby Vandenhouten
Sarah Vandenhouten
James Visser (5)
Jim Warden
Lew Warren
Renee Warren
Jayden Welch (3)
Marie Welvang
Miriam Wellford
Sandra Westbrook
Wesley, Valerie and Jakob Yoshino (4)
Ralph Zick
Bruce Zivney

* donors with a number behind their name have give multiple High Fives to the theatre.