Joe Nettesheim

Production Volunteer
Sex Please, We're Sixty
61st Season

Although he was new to theatre (this was his first show!), Joe approached the experience with dedication and enthusiasm. He was always willing to help with anything, including moving props and furniture, helping other actors with their lines, and keeping the theatre neat and clean.

His fellow cast, crew, and staff all agreed that he was an all around joy to work with. Way to go, Joe!

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The Waukesha Civic Theatre, in conjunction with its 58 years of service to the community, recognizes the volunteers who have made the organization what it is. This award is named for Carl Thomas, a long-time volunteer who served on stage, backstage, on the board, and anywhere else he was needed. He truly exemplified the "spirit of community theatre."

This award is given peer to peer for all production awards, in which each show's cast, crew, and staff nominate the person involved in that show who they feel has best represented the spirit of community theatre with the highest levels of enthusiasm, energy, and involvement. The administrative award is chosen by the staff and/or the board of directors and goes to someone who has given of their time and talent outside of the productions we produce. Current criteria (as of September 2008) for eligibility includes: 1) only individuals may be nominated (not groups or ensembles); 2) only volunteers may be nominated (no paid staff); and 3) prior winners of the award may be nominated only after a predetermined number of seasons have passed since their previous award.



  • Connie Cross Smith, Administrative (Office), September 2001
  • Marianne Puls, Administrative (Office),
    September 2001
  • Sharon Sohner, Production (The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail), January 2002
  • Ken Schenian, Administrative (Maintenance), January 2002
  • Mary Brzozowski, Production (The Real Inspector Hound), April 2002
  • Dexter Meise, Administrative (Maintenance),
    April 2002
  • Roseann Fasi (Coleman), Production (Phantom of the Country Opera), June 2002
  • Tom Koth, Production (Phantom of the Country Opera), June 2002
  • Rick Richter, Production (Phantom of the Country Opera), June 2002
  • Donna Redmer, Production (Phantom of the
    Country Opera), June 2002


  • Claire Drefus, Production (Broadway Bound), December 2002
  • Marianne Puls, Administrative (Office),
    December 2002
  • Todd Herdt, Production (Carnival), January 2003
  • Michael Holland, Administrative (Maintenance), January 2003
  • Sandra Adell, Production (Private Lives), April 2003
  • Patti Anne Hachmeister, Production (The Man Who Came To Dinner), April 2003
  • Dorothy Petro, Administrative (Office), April 2003
  • Anita Maiore, Production (The Trip to Bountiful),
    May 2003
  • Evie Reid, Administrative (Cast Meals), May 2003
  • Drake Reid, Administrative (Cast Meals), May 2003
  • Jean Daleiden, Administrative (Costume Coordinator), June 2003


  • Tony Kolp, Production (On Golden Pond),
    October 2003
  • Rockie Matson, Administrative (House Manager
    and Usher), October 2003
  • Daniel Beer, Production (The Lion In Winter), November 2003
  • Debi Mumford, Production (The Best Christmas Pageant Ever), December 2003
  • Sara Toenes, Administrative (Office), January 2004
  • The Cast Of The Dining Room (Kristen Busalacchi, Jacqueline Long, Judy Radtke, Doug Smedbron, Jason Thompson, Glenn Villa) Production (The Dining Room), February 2004
  • Michael Villwock, Production (The 1940's Radio Hour), April 2004
  • Phillip Alonge, Administrative (Office), May 2004
  • Tim Crowley, Production (Don't Drink The Water), May 2004


  • Mara Josette King, Production (110 In The Shade), July 2004
  • Beth Perry, Production (Bus Stop), October 2004
  • Joshua Schumaker, Production (Red Hot & Cole), November 2004
  • Don Devona, Production (Miracle On 34th Street), December 2004
  • Haakon Haakenson, Production (You Know I Can't Hear You When The Water's Running),
    February 2005
  • Joe Schulein, Production (Caught In The Net),
    March 2005
  • Katie Davis, Production (Immigrant Stories),
    May 2005
  • Lydia Hartlaub, Production (The Secret Garden), June 2005


  • Eric Eggers, Administrative (Maintenance),
    July 2005
  • Emily Thompson, Production (Mousetrap),
    October 2005
  • Lori O'Brien, Production (Cheaper By The Dozen), November 2005
  • Michelle Tiarks, Administrative (Set Construction), November 2005
  • Mindus Siliunus, Production (Uh Oh, Here Comes Christmas), December 2005
  • Sharon Grunfelder, Administrative (Office),
    January 2006
  • Kevin Kelnhofer, Production (Encore! An Evening Of Broadway's Best), February 2006
  • Mark Neufang, Production (Over The River And Through The Woods), March 2006
  • Elayne Juten, Production (The Wizard Of Oz),
    May 2006
  • Kurt Magoon, Production (Lost In Yonkers),
    June 2006


  • Angila Allen, Production (The Little Foxes),
    October 2006
  • Sue Hrobar, Administrative (Office), October 2006
  • Jill Webber, Production (The Music Man),
    November 2006
  • Kate Gilbert, Production (Christmas On Angel Street), December 2006
  • John Pfannerstill, Production (Arsenic & Old Lace), February 2007
  • Stephanie Demyun Smith, Production (The Foreigner), March 2007
  • Susan Olson, Production (The Importance Of Being Earnest), May 2007
  • Kris Huber, Production (Whose Wives Are They Anyway?), June 2007


  • David B. Carter, Production (The Taffetas),
    September 2007
  • Michael Chobanoff, Production (The Miser), November 2007
  • Mary Pat Sutter, Production (The Best Christmas Pageant Ever), December 2007
  • Augie Revoy, Administrative (Office), January 2008
  • Randall T. Anderson, Production (The Woman In Black), February 2008
  • Sue Rapp, Administrative (Office), March 2008
  • Debbie Volden, Production (Disney's Beauty & The Beast), April 2008
  • Dan Hargarten, Production (Over The Tavern),
    May 2008
  • Jenny Kosek, Production (Little Women), June 2008


  • Jim Volden, Production (I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change)
  • Lee Piekarski, Administrative
  • Ruth Arnell, Production (The Philadelphia Story)
  • Jacob Sudbrink, Production (Miracle on 34th Street)
  • Allen Schuh, Administrative
  • Peter Kao, Production (Wit)
  • Shawn Spellman, Production (Don't Dress for Dinner)
  • Diane L. Matuszak, Administrative
  • Tammy Jung, Production (42nd Street)
  • Rhonda Trickey, Production (The Cemetery Club)


  • James Chermak, Administrative
  • MaryAnn Vance, Production (Seussical)
  • Ken Schenian, Administrative
  • Joe Nolan, Production (The Light In The Piazza)
  • Andy Lien, Production (And Then There Were None)
  • Tom Koth, Production (Candy Cane Tales and Holiday Carols)
  • Scott Allen, Administrative
  • Joel Marinan, Production (Crimes Of The Heart)
  • Kavyn Tarnowski, Production (Bye Bye Birdie)
  • Sara Toenes, Administrative
  • Matt Lovison, Production (The Kitchen Witches)
  • Monica Santroch, Production (Life With Father)


  • Catie Tarr, Production (Honk!)
  • Sean Downs, Administrative
  • Brian Morin, Production (Two By Two)
  • Rich Labinski, Administrative
  • Jonathan Danner, Production (Write Me A Murder)
  • Travis Vrba, Production (Candy Cane Tales and Holiday Carols)
  • Terry Sutter, Administrative
  • Judy Nelson, Production (Alone Together)
  • Al Van Lith, Production (State Fair)
  • Kelly Horrell, Administrative
  • Kenneth Penzkover, Production (Twelfth Night)
  • Fran Klumb, Production (A Tiny Miracle With A Fiberoptic Unicorn)


  • Dexter Meise, Administrative
  • Alex Johnson, Production (Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka)
  • Christine Howard-Turowski, Administrative
  • David Scott, Production (Smoke on the Mountain)
  • Dylan Baxter, Production (The Tavern)
  • Heidi Consiglio, Production (Candy Cane Tales and Holiday Carols)
  • Peggy Stoop, Administrative
  • Barbara Talaska, Production (Crossing Delancey)
  • Phillip Alonge, Production (The Miracle Worker)
  • Jean Novy, Administrative
  • Eli King, Production (Miss Saigon)
  • Zach Zembrowski, Production (Busybody)


  • Susan Hughes, Administrative
  • Owen Reynolds, Production (Once On This Island)
  • Christopher Elst, Production (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee)
  • Sharon Sohner, Administrative
  • Barb Lancelle, Production (Our Town)
  • Teri Downing, Production (Candy Cane Tales And Holiday Carols)
  • Matt Los, Administrative
  • Ralph Garcia, Production (An Inspector Calls)
  • Julie Moore, Production (Oklahoma!)
  • Aaron Schmidt, Administrative
  • Beth Perry, Production (The Dixie Swim Club)
  • Pam Seccombe, Production (Communicating Doors)


  • Kurt Magoon, Administrative
  • Debbie Volden, Production (The Boxcar Children)
  • Diana Randelzhofer, Production (The Goodbye Girl)
  • AJ Simon, Administrative
  • Dan Hargarten, Production (You Can't Take It With You)
  • Scott Baranowski, Production (Candy Cane Tales And Holiday Carols)
  • Jonathan Danner, Administrative
  • Patrick Talaska, Production (Perfect Wedding)
  • Jim Mallman, Production (Curtains)
  • Jean Novy, Administrative
  • Kassandra Novell, Production (Noises Off)
  • Alexa Farrell, Production (A View From The Bridge)


  • Madison Penzkover, Administrative
  • Valerie Dixon, Administrative
  • Jim Volden, Production (The Sound Of Music)
  • Scott Fudali, Production (Lend Me A Tenor)
  • Dan O'Brien, Production (Candy Cane Tales and Holiday Carols)
  • Kevin Koehne, Production (Funny Money)
  • Kelly Vance , Production (The Diary of Anne Frank)
  • Elizabeth Bagley, Administrative
  • Gwen Ter Haar, Production (Les Misérables)
  • Rhonda Trickey, Production (Father of the Bride)


  • Gary Ebert, Administrative
  • Ethel Marshall, Administrative
  • Keith Handy, Administrative
  • David Kaye, Production (A Little Night Music)
  • Renee Bartos, Production (The Turn Of The Screw)
  • Cas Thiele, Production (Candy Cane Tales and Holiday Carols)
  • Ken Schenian, Administrative (Lifetime Achievement)
  • Jordyn Stewart, Production (Almost, Maine)
  • Lauren Heinen, Production (Leading Ladies)
  • Leah Sawnor, Administrative
  • Nicole Allee, Production (Annie Get Your Gun)
  • Jim Jessen, Production (Fawlty Towers)


  • Sue Herro, Administrative
  • Mike Bohren, Administrative
  • Andy Gratke, Administrative
  • Jordan Levine, Production (Gypsy)
  • Jim Santelle, Production (To Kill A Mockingbird)
  • Christine Kulinski, Production (For Purely Elfish Reasons)
  • John Hrobar, Administrative
  • Mary Rynders, Production (Blithe Spirit)
  • Leah Teske, Production (33 Variations)
  • Steve Dembinski, Administrative
  • Michael Skocir, Production (Drowsy Chaperone)
  • Lloyd Munson, Production (Barefoot In The Park)


  • Larry Nelson, Administrative
  • Mark Penzkover, Administrative
  • Mark Cage, Administrative
  • Joe Nettesheim, Production (Sex Please, We're Sixty)