How to Participate

As part of our mission, Waukesha Civic Theatre is dedicated to providing many creative and artistic avenues to the members of our community. We aspire to provide activities that will appeal to all individuals regardless of whether or not their talents lie under the lights or in the wings.

Mainstage and Holiday Productions

WCT produces six Mainstage shows each season and one holiday production. The actors in these productions are all volunteers. In addition to those on-stage, we encourage volunteers to assist in building sets, assembling props, and making costumes.

Theatre Arts Education

The Academy at Civic Theatre (ACT) is dedicated to providing a variety of theatre-related classes for all ages. Although it started out as a program geared toward educating youth in the ways of theatre, it has expanded to provide many different types of classes for both children and adults. The curriculum changes from session to session but may include classes on acting, sketch comedy, audition techniques, musical theatre, and dance.

Outreach Touring Groups

There are two touring groups associated with WCT. The Civic Broadway Singers and The Civic Senior Players. The Civic Broadway Singers perform Broadway show tunes at special events throughout the area. The Civic Senior Players provides an opportunity for senior citizens to entertain others in a variety of ways; much like the Vaudeville shows of the past.

Daytime Performances

The ACAP PlayMakers present productions to a variety of organizations during the weekday. These productions are based on education-related themes and appeal to many age levels.

Civic Troupers

The Troupers are the official "Friends of WCT" organization. They are involved in many activities around the theatre. Most notably, they provide food to the cast and crew of each mainstage show on final weekend of rehearsals. They are also instrumental in assisting with many of the fundraising efforts for the theatre.


Our mainstage shows are staffed by paid production personnel. Additionally, there are several theatre administration positions as well.


A vital and often overlooked form of participation comes in the form of financial support. WCT relies on the contribution of generous donors to be able to provide the many programs that it offers. Tax-deductible donations can either be monetary or the contribution of one of several items needed by theatre. Check out our Wish List of requested items.