Volunteer Opportunities

Production Committees

Sharon Sohner

  • Help find and/or make costumes for a production

  • Help with inventory, maintenance and storage of theatre owned costumes

Cindy Velcheck and
Kavyn Custer

  • Help find and/or make props for a production

  • Help with inventory, maintenance and storage of theatre owned properties

Set Construction:
John Cramer

  • Help build sets for a production

  • Help with inventory, maintenance and storage of theatre owned supplies and equipment

Lighting and Audio:
Aaron Schmidt

  • Help run lighting and/or audio for a production

  • Provide assistance to lighting designers

  • Help keep control booth and equipment clean and organized

John Cramer

  • Help take the set down and put away set, props, and costumes at the end of a show’s run, immediately after the final performance.

Non-Production Committees


Rich Johnson

  • Manage the financial affairs of the theatre by safeguarding its assets, overseeing the judicious discharge of its funds and ensure prudent investments.

Fund Development:

Mike Bohren

  • Oversee all major gift campaigns, direct personal asks, capital campaigns, patron recognition or related functions.

  • Oversee all fund raising event activities for operations including but not limited to the annual gala, annual patron letters and the phonathon


Jim Mallmann

  • Recruit and recommend candidates for vacant Board positions, to design a corporate and Board structure that meets its organizational needs, to define policies and procedures for the internal working of the Board, and periodically review and enforce these by-laws and all policies concerning the governance of the Waukesha Civic Theatre

Jonathan Danner

  • Help Marketing Director with marketing projects

  • Some examples are Scenario, press releases, flyers, posters, general advertisement for the theatre

Play Advisory:

Sue Rapp and
Sharon Sohner

  • A willingness to submit fun, provocative, interesting, lively plays/musicals that would be great on our WCT stage.


Sara Toenes

  • Usher for a performance


John Cramer

  • Perform basic maintenance duties such as, vacuum lobby, clean bathrooms, shovel snow, empty trash, dust, etc


Meghan Hopper

  • Provide assistance to the Office Manager with clerical tasks

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Carl Thomas Memorial Volunteer Award